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Book Review


Peaks and Valleys – Integrative Approaches for Recovering from Loss

by Sherry L. O’Brian LCSW, DCEP, Ozark Mountain Publishing 2014


Reviewed by Betsy Muller, MBA, CEHP, ACP-EFT


Something each and every one of us can be assured of in life is loss.  Sherry O’Brian is a most capable guide for helping others face the inevitable.  Peaks and Valleys is a guide for therapists who want to integrate energy psychology concepts into care for the grieving, as well as a suitable resource for any person in the midst of processing a devastating loss.  Ms. O’Brian begins the book by sharing two heartbreaking stories that have touched her deeply and personally.  So much of the research for this book obviously came through the quest to heal her pain.


Throughout the book readers are reminded that grief touches lives in many ways beyond the death of a loved one.  Common situations such as job loss, divorce, physical injuries or illness, aging, the death of a pet and retirement are among those that are addressed.


The majority of the book is dedicated to the integration of effective methods and therapeutic tools to empower the grieving to accept and eventually find wisdom for life through loss.  Sherry O’Brian’s toolkit includes energy psychology, hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine and a variety of other mind-body techniques she has discovered on this journey.  An entire chapter addresses ideas for creating healing rituals to honor loss.  Peaks and Valleys also includes step-by-step tapping scripts for common situations and a lovely meditation for mending a broken heart.  Throughout the book, readers will delight in beautiful quotes, as well as helpful exercises to allow deeper insight into the power of letting go and allowing joy to return.


Whether you work with grieving people, are processing your own pain, or care about someone who has suffered a loss, this book will serve you well.  Having an extra copy on hand to give away may be the perfect way to respond to with loving kindness.

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