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Transforming Grief

Transforming Grief: Integrative Tools to Assist the Client & Practitioner

Many losses go unrecognized or are subtle. Some are life-changing. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or a job, the energy of grief often weighs heavily upon our hearts. If left untreated, these effects accumulate, causing energetic blocks which may interfere with our ability to enjoy life. Based on her book "Peaks & Valleys: Integrative Approaches for Recovering From Loss." Sherry will discuss the importance of recognizing the mind/body/spirit connection among those suffering from grief & loss, as well as, explore the various tools & techniques shared in her book.

Demonstrations of several integrative Energy Psychology exercises designed to release the debilitating effects of grief & loss will be shared. Techniques presented will include guided meditation, acupoint stimulation, & other exercises designed to create a somatic (physical) release of the energy associated with grief & loss.

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